Monday, 28 November 2011

Mitch's Fundraiser

Mitch's Fundraiser by Jamo6622
Mitch's Fundraiser, a photo by Jamo6622 on Flickr.
Mitch and his girlfriend were surrounded by friends from the Football and Cricket clubs. There was a good turn out to support Mitch who broke his leg in a freak cricket accident which has rendered him unable to work for some time.

Power Boat Racing

Power Boat Racing-55.jpg by Jamo6622
Power Boat Racing-55.jpg, a photo by Jamo6622 on Flickr.
It was a day on the bay as some of our North family shared a cruise around the bay while watching the Power Boat Races. A big thanks to Noel Brunt for the invitation and generous hospitality.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Your new Committee

Your Committe has changed following the AGM. Here is your new committee and those people who have specialist roles.

President - Jason Habib
Secretary - Chris Friars
Treasurer - Jaimie Watts
Senior Vice President - Geoff Ryan
Vice President - Gavin Habib
Vice President - Brioney Elzinga

Carlos Gomez
Kelly Elzinga
Luke Parker
Blake Vredenbregt
Kayne Pittman
Yvonne Jose
Carol Elzinga
Sarah Fitzsimmons
Sarah Longstaff
Gary Riechart
Matthew Young

Specialist roles within the club.
Football Manager: Gavin Habib
Netball Co-ordinator: Sarah Fitzsimmons
Bar Manager: Daryl Edwards
Canteen Manager: Carol Elzinga

Senior Coach: Darren "Doggy" Ryan
Reserves Coach: Joe McDermott
Under 18s Coach: Mitchell "Snitta" Troy

A grade Coach: Judy Hewitt
B grade Coach: Judy Hewitt
C grade Coach: Kelly Elzinga
D grade Coach: Kelly Elzinga
Junior Coach: Donna Fisher